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The Meaning of Peace in African Trad. Religion and Culture
The Role of Women in peace building in African Trad. Societies  
Resources for peace in African proverbs and myths
Concepts of Social Justice in Traditional Africa
Reincarnation in the framework of African Ontology
Crime in African Traditional Religion
The Place of Ancestors
Marriage among the Igbo of Nigeria
African Religiosity expressed in Music (Italian)
African Traditional Religions and Promotion of Community
Emergent Key Issues in African Traditional Religion
Ancestor Veneration in Africa
African Creation Myths
Creation in African Thought
Traditional Religion in Africa: The Vodun phenomenon
African Religiosity: Caribbean Experience
African Religiosity: Women perspective
African Religiosity: General manifestations  
African Peoples and their names for GOD
More about ANCESTORS
Myths and Legends of the Bantu
Myths of Ífè  
African Traditional Religions and Modernity
The loss of ATR in contemporary society

The Role of women in African Traditional Religion



Bibliography on African Traditional Religion  
Elements to admire in African Traditional Religion




Yoruba Belief- An Introduction,

Man and the Gods in Yoruba Belief,
Religion in Chad - Classical African Religions
Autochthonous Religions (African & Native American)
African Traditional Religions - Yoruba, Voodoo, JuJu, Haiti
Haiti- African Religion syncretism
Brazilian Myths & Fantastic Creatures
The World of the Mande
Yoruba Religion

Akan Cosmology and Symbolism
Ancient Africa A Great Oral Tradition

Sidama of Ethiopia - Religion & Beliefs



African Traditional Religion and ISLAM
1) 1000-year cohabitation and the resulting compromises 
2) Islam's response to African Traditional Religion in Nigeria

African Traditional Religion and CHRISTIANITY

1) «Conversion» in African Traditional Religion
The meaning of "conversion of heart" in African Traditional Religion

2) Approach to followers of African Traditional Religion
Some of the motives behind Christian approaches to followers of African Traditional Religion. A short reflection on Christian-ATR interreligious relations.

3) Dialogue with followers of African Traditional Religion
Sarpong explores the possibility of Christian dialogue with followers of African Traditional Religion. Some of the misconceptions are examined.

4) Official voice of the Catholic Church on African Traditional Religion and Cultural Values.
Three most recent Popes have made significant statements on African Traditional Religion and Culture. 

5) African Traditional Religion in Church Documents
A search through Catholic Church documents for references to African Traditional Religion and a reflection on the findings.

6) Vatican guidelines on approach to followers of African Traditional Religion
A letter from the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue to the Bishops of Africa on African Traditional Religion.

7) Areopagus Speech in ATR Perspective
A presentation of the Areopagus Speech from the point of view of a reader in African Traditional Religion.

8) The African Synod on Traditional Religion
Emefie E. Ikenga-Metuh examines the teaching of the African Synod on dialogue with African Traditional Religion

9) Christianity in Dialogue with African Traditional Religion: The changing attitude of the Catholic Church
Chidi Isizoh examines the changes that have taken place in the Catholic Church's attitude to African Traditional Religion in the last hundred years

10) Inculturation, how far?
Aylward Shorter evaluates the efforts being made to inculturate African values in Christianity

11) Bringing African Culture into the Church
Buti Tlhagale presents aspects of culture for inculturation

12) Teaching African Traditional Religion in major Church Institutes of Higher Learning in Africa
Hippolyte Ngimbi Nseka presents a Congo model of  programme for teaching African Traditional Religion in major Catholic Church's Educational Institutions

13) Motivazioni della Chiesa Cattolica per il Dialogo con La Religione Tradizionale Africana
Chidi Isizoh gives general information (in Italian language) on Africa and the Catholic Church's approach to African Traditional Religion

14) The ressources pour la paix dans les religions traditionnelles africaines
Theodore Mudiji explores the resources for peace in African Traditional Religion

15) Les germes de conflit dans la Religion Traditionnelle Africaine
J. Martial Rasolonjatovo highlights the seeds of conflict in African Traditional Religion

16) Religions in Africa: Working and Walking Together. A Christian perspective
Chidi Isizoh's reflection on the concrete collaboration among various religions in Africa based

17) Dialogue with African Traditional Religion: Progress and Challenges
This is a presentation of  some areas of progress made by Christianity in dialogue with African Traditional Religion. It points out also some of the challenges.

18) The Influence of African Indigenous Religions on Roman Catholicism
Prof. Chris. Ejizu reflects on the profound impact of African Traditional Religion on the Catholic Church South East of Nigeria

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Practice of African Traditional Religion 
on the continent and in the diaspora


Seven Orishas from the Yoruba Pantheon



Ifa Foundation

Books on Ifa

Ifa Religion Overview




Voodoo perspective of Peace


The Mysteries of Voodoo

The Vodun (Voodoo) Religion

Vodoun Culture

Books on Vodou

Voodoo in Benin, 1996

Voudoun: The World's oldest spiritual tradition

Animal Sacrifice in Dahomean Vodoun and around the world

Homosexuality in Dahomean Vodoun



The Ancient African Tradition in Brazil



Heroes, Rituals & Legends

Basic Sources on Inculturation in Africa

Christianity, African Religion and African Medicine

African Belief Systems

The African Experience of God through Akan Woman's eyes



Santeria and Macumba

Bibliography on Africa

Outstanding Priests of African Traditional Religion

Religions of the World: African Religions & their derivatives 

A New Look at Juju- The Pope's Apology to Africans
Igbo Traditional Religion