Bishop Bernard AGRE 
(Bishop of Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast)

The Church of the Ivory Coast will celebrate its centenary in 1995. As its other sisters in the Universal Church, courageously she enters, under the breath of the Spirit, into the era of communication. Her effort brings the following to traditional and modern means of communication:

1. Revaluation of the traditional means of social communication, such as stories, dance, theatre, mimes, chants, especially the chorales in the local and foreign languages accompanied by the most diverse instruments.

2. The presence of the Church in the Media, official and private. Priests, religious and lay people speak in the public media, press, radio, television. After the audio-visual liberation in the country, three Catholic radio stations are operating: "Radio Espoir", "La voix des dix montagnes", "Radio paix Sanvi". Four diocese produce videos for catechesis and human promotion. As one can see, some good work has been done but there is still more to be done. Two important points to underline:

a) The material and spiritual support of professionals: priests, religious and lay people formed and engaged in the world of the media. A complex world to evangelise through aid and sustained attention by pastors and the faithful.

b) The use of satellites represents the chance of opening onto the world, but also a danger of colonisation and cultural and spiritual destabilising which demands a strategy of formation of consumers on our part.

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