Bishop Leonard DHEJJU
(Bishop of Bunia, Zaïre)  

The family is at the heart of the worries of the Church in Zaire, because the family constitutes the vital core of human society. The quality of life in the society in general and in the Church in particular depends on the quality of familial life. 

Today, the family is the privileged target for negative ideologies and practices which denaturalise the meaning of human sexuality and conjugal love. 

Zaïre faces, more and more, a crisis of the family under different imported forms (contraception, abortion…). This crisis is made more serious in a special way in Zaïre and in Africa in general, through generalised violence, and by many other evils which menace the same existence of our populations. We would like to cite, insecurity and the intestinal fights from the exterior. They degenerate into inter "ethnic" wars. 

We deplore also and in relation to these violence, the internal and external migrations of entire populations, under-nourishment, famine, and the deadly diseases which add to the world’s scourge AIDS. 
Faced which such serious dangers, the problem of the limitation of births is certainly not one of our priorities. 

Whoever loves Zaïre and Africa would do well to help them first, to guarantee life and security, for the establishment of a State of Law, conscious of the collective good. 

Original text: French 



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