(Archbishop of Kinshasa, Za´re)


If the general theme of this Synod is so mobilising and so important that one can say assuredly that it drives the African Church of today to the encounter with what defines it profoundly and makes it live, to understand the witness, five, to us, seem to be the places where our concrete witnessing articulates our Christian action. This the conviction of the Church of God, in Kinshasa, the Archdiocese which I represent.

1) The socio-political and economic situation

In this domain, one must make all men, especially Christians, but above all the African managers, face their responsibilities for the end of dictatorship in Africa, for the socio-economic and political transformation and the advent of regimes with a more human and just face within our society.

We must not lose sight of the responsibilities of the Western powers in political instability, wars and wranglings on our continent.

2) The formation, the life and the ministries of priests and the religious

This is an important dimension in the life of the Church. Conscious of assuring its promotion, we are called upon to effect an important work of evaluation on the aspects already studied for the finality of achieving appropriate pastoral instructions and directives.

3) The pastoral of the family and marriage

There is a need for the promotion of an inculturated catechesis of the Christian meaning of marriage, on traditional marriage and "marriage in the Lord"; there is the need for an enriched ritual and more adaptable to the celebration of marriage. This way we will open a passage towards the integration of traditional ceremonies within the progress by stages towards the sacramental celebration in the Lord.

4) Social communications

In this domain particular importance must be placed on the formation of pastors themselves and our Christians towards the use of means of communication. And our Churches must be integrated parties in this world of the media culture.

5) The place of the lay people in the Church 

We must assure their greater formation and insertion in the diverse structures of our ecclesial life and be vigilant so that each parish or work be brought jointly with them.

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