Bishop Jean-Guy HAMELIN 
(Bishop of Rouyn-Noranda, Canada)

Cardinal Thiandoum underlined the fact that it is with the universal Church, a communion Church, that he wished to see the progress of this Synod. 

We have received many of you. Historic grace of having received those that are ours made it possible for the birth and growth of a missionary spirit in our local Churches which yet exists. We still await much: of your work of reflection and action in the realm of inculturation, of the multiple experiences of formation and involvement of the laity in the mission of the Church, of the way traced by your "living ecclesial communities". We are stimulated by your youth and your joyful hope. 
When one says communion, one says sharing. We have a duty of solidarity towards you and towards those who are received in our countries as immigrates and refugees. Our Conference will not stop supporting you in more difficult situations of serious injustice or denial of human rights. To the government of our country, it will make the necessary representations so that it may bring about the weight of its influence in the international organisations. 

I will witness to your fraternity, solidarity and vitality of your Churches to my brother Bishops and to all our Christian community in Canada. 
Original text: French 

Original text: French



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