Bishop Hubert MICHON 
(Bishop of Rabat, Morocco)

In Morocco, the number of foreigners studying in the schools or faculties are between seven and eight thousand; they are all African. The majority of them is Muslim, but a certain number (1,000 or 2,000) are baptised.

The represent, in our small and almost entirely foreign Christian community: youth and the sole presence of the Church in the university world.

Their stay in Morocco looks to them to be, at the same time, a chance: an occasion for encounter with the Moroccan people and through it with the Arabic world, rich in culture and history. In our countries, where religion fills the whole social life, the encounter with Islam, as enriching as they may be, are not always easy. Incomprehension or prejudice often bring painful situations. Their position as Christians is often misunderstood.

They await from the Church in Morocco: reception, support and accompaniment in this period of discovery of others and of formation so as to assure their responsibilities, often important, in their original countries: to take on, without compromise, their own responsibilities in promoting justice and peace.

Numerous youths of the continent follow superior studies outside of their country. Others participate actively in the life and witness of the receiving Church. It is auspicable that on these occasions (for their reception, their accompaniment during and after their studies) the lines of collaboration be developed between the Church of origin where they are called to live and the Church of reception.

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