Bishop Felix Eugenio MKHORI 
(Bishop of Chikwawa, Malawi)


The Episcopal Conference of Malawi has found out the dichotomy which exists between faith and practice of the faithful. To express the situation the Conference is committed to make thorough and a careful research on the following:

a) Traditional marriage and its rites or rituals.

b) To study what is going on in the rites of the first pregnancy.

c) To research on what goes on in the rites at birth and at the initiation ceremonies especially of women.

d) To research on the traditional view about illness and healing.

e) to find out what people think about death and why they have special funeral rites.

f) To investigate the strong feeling of respect for ancestors.

With the light of the Gospel and the teaching of the Church we hope to liberate our people from a burden which they have carried for so long. We hope to accompany our people with some rituals as they go through life as witnessing Christians. Perhaps we shall be able to explain the Paschal Mystery ? life offered as a gift, but then suffering and death and attainment of everlasting life.

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