(Bishop of Ihosy, Madagascar)

a) Inculturation

The way has been widely opened for inculturation by the Supreme Magisterium of the Church. It no longer consists in revendication. One must now make the theoretic orientations more concrete, so that the declarations do not remain rhetoric, empty.

Inculturation is a project for the future based on a present of invention and audacity. From this, the special attention on youth.

I emphasise in particular the role of theologians in this realm, since it consists in a "new intelligence of the faith": the inculturation, in effect, must be based on the theological discernment founded on instruments of analysis which must be as scientific as possible, but always subordinated to the light of faith.

And since we are in Africa and Madagascar, it is normal that the majority of the work be given to theologians, philosophers, anthropologists, etc. African and Malagasy.

b) Justice and Peace

The large media of the developed countries only evoke Africa on the occasion of massacres, pandemics, cataclysms, famines, by airing live scenes of death. Africa is but a simple décor for so-called humanitarian action reserved to saving groups coming from elsewhere. Could not this Special Assembly cry in justice before such a vision of things, that it is not only human interference we are talking about, but that it is also a human duty towards justice? Unless we resign ourselves to seeing African and Malagasy man continue living on this earth "ever less as a man".

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