Cardinal Laurean RUGAMBWA 
(Archbishop Emeritus of Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania)

In Africa today we are faced by political, economic and social changes. For that reason the Church needs well trained leaders to face up to the changes and to enable Africa to contribute more the world order: I propose that:

a) The clergy should get as many as possible higher post seminary training. They should specialise both in theological and civil subjects. This is not just to provide professors to the seminaries but also to surround the Bishops with efficient and competent personnel.

b) We have in Africa a big army of religious especially the women. If we train them as leaders with high education many of our problems would be solved.

c) As a young Bishop in the 1950's I formed Social Guilds to prepare for independence. Now in the democratic process we should help form leaders. We should have forums of African Catholic professionals.

Let us involve the lay leaders in our Church government structures. We thank our friends who have helped us so far to train our people, kindly continue to do so. The greatest investment for Africa is in its people. Their education will determine the future of Africa and the world at large.

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