Bishop Basile TAPSOBA 
(Bishop of Koudougou, Burkina Faso)

The explosion of the mass-media in our young developing African countries makes us adapt to the whole world. That is a legitimate and praiseworthy fact. However, this situation is not free from serious problems at general social level and with the family in particular. The media and Family life are in this respect both worrying and current issues.

Without denying, on the one hand, the positive side of the mass-media for many aspects, we should however be on guard about casting off and correcting negative influences they exert on families. In fact, films on violence, sex pornography alcoholism and drugs are shown on television and are seen by adults, young people and children. They exalt the most ignominious vice. Sexual freedom, condoms, contraceptives and substances used for abortion are easy money. AIDS play havoc. What can be done to protect the family against this aggression on the part of the media?

One must make people aware, initiate, form and educate our people on the language of the media: especially young people and children. Educate the conscience to correctly judge the media and realities of life. One of the efficient ways of doing this is for each diocese to have local radio broadcasting.

Original text: French



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