Cardinal Hyacinthe THIANDOUM 
(Archbishop of Dakar, Senegal)

1. Inculturation and Theology

The importance of theologians' help has been underlined. The mission of theology is to be involved in two ways: in the service of faith, in the service of the people of God. Theology is the search for intelligence of faith and because of this calls for universality.

But this same theology must be involved in the service of the Christian communities: it must help them in their progress, advising them, supporting them, enlightening them on their way.

For this to happen makes it indispensable for the Bishops to collaborate, for the Bishops and the theologians as well.

2. The Islamic-Christian dialogue

In what does this consist? In a dialogue of life, that is, a dialogue which can be established through good neighbourhood, conviviality, true interpersonal relationships, visits, written messages, presence during familial events, funerals, etc., all for the sharing of events, joys and sorrows.

3. Social Communications

The need for Communicators who live their faith in Jesus Christ. The Catholic communicator is that, not only for the service of the Gospel, but also of the human community in its tasks of development, promotion and understanding. In practice, we see the fertile work of Christian communicators deeply enrooted in faith.

At the moment in which this Synod is being held, with all the hopes it carries, it is desirable that the Catholic Church in Africa have a continental radio station. It would seem that in Yamoussoukro, all the necessary elements may be found for its realisation! Not only the Catholic Church would benefit from this, but the whole continent.

The tempest in which the African continent lives brings to mind that, for all the projects discussed during this Synod, one must remember that "the African wager is a long term wager.

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